Customer Support

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm EST
Weekends: Closed
Major Holidays: Closed

If you are a WG customer and need help or would like to submit a request, please email (Note: If you are a new customer and your project is currently in production, please contact your Account Manager. If you have a billing inquiry, please email

When you submit a Support Request to, you will receive an automated response. If your support request is during WG work hours (M-F 9am-5pm EST), a support team member will begin our support process right away. If you submit this request after hours, our support process will begin on the next business day.

Support Process:

1. Review support request email, open a ticket and assign to your account.
2. Your ticket will be scheduled within 12-48 hours (unless emergency ***).
3. During this time, we may email you if we have any questions.
4. We will email you when the task(s) are complete.
5. Once the task(s) are complete, we will close the ticket.
6. Finally, we will share any billable time with Accounting and they will bill you accordingly.

***Emergency Procedure:
If you have an EMERGENCY (i.e. Your site is down!), please email Our emergency on-call technician will be alerted and will take action asap to resolve your issue.

By emailing with update or standard support requests, or if your site is down, this ensures our whole team can see your request and respond as fast as possible in the event that any individual team member is unavailable